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Donating Your Hair to Wigs for Kids: A Selfless Act of Kindness

Why Donate to Wigs for Kids?

- Wigs for Kids requests non-chemically processed hair, minimum 12 inches in length (14 inches recommended) for donations.

- The wigs provided by Wigs for Kids are custom-tailored to meet each child's specific needs, helping children and families dealing with hair loss.

- Your hair donation can bring a sense of confidence and comfort to recipients during challenging times.

Steps to Donate Your Hair:

1. Research and Find a Hair Stylist: Visit to gather more information and locate a hair stylist who offers assistance with harvesting hair for donation.

2. Consultation and Preparation: Schedule a personalized consultation at the chosen hair studio (e.g., Bold Embrace Hair Studio) to understand the harvesting process and set up for the design haircut.

3. Arrive Prepared: Bring inspiration pictures and any questions you may have to the consultation. Arrive with clean hair on the day of your service appointment.

4. Harvesting Process: The stylist will section your hair to maximize the amount available for donation while keeping the design haircut in mind. The hair will be securely bundled and bagged with barcode information and any financial donation.

5. Shipping Your Donation: After the haircut, take your donation to the post office and ship it to Wigs for Kids. Remember to include the barcode code for acknowledgment of your donation.

6. Transformation and Impact: Wigs for Kids customizes wigs based on each child's measurements, and the family receives the new wig with maintenance guidance.

7. Post-Donation Maintenance: Embrace the change and be open to new styling tools or products to maintain your new look. Discuss concerns with your stylist at maintenance appointments.

The Blessing of Giving:

- Donating your hair is a selfless act that brings joy and confidence to children and families facing hair loss.

- Prepare yourself mentally for a drastic physical change; consider how your personal image might transform.

- Be open to discussing your lifestyle and styling needs with your stylist to create the perfect haircut for you.

- Know that your hair pattern won't change unless there's damage to the hair follicle, so be open to trying new products and styling tools.

- Embrace your new style and the positive impact it brings to others in their time of need.

Making a Difference:

- By donating your hair to Wigs for Kids, you are contributing to a meaningful cause and helping children during challenging times.

- Your generous act can provide comfort, confidence, and a renewed sense of self-esteem to recipients.

For more information about donating your hair and making a difference in a child's life, visit Let's join together in this inspiring journey of giving!


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