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Embrace the Curl: Rediscovering the Beauty of Curl Perms for All Hair Types

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Curl perms, once synonymous with dated hairstyles, are making a remarkable comeback as a versatile and trendy hair styling option for all hair types. From creating a wider curl pattern for coil curls to adding volume to straight hair, curl perms have proven their worth in achieving diverse and fabulous looks. In this blog, we will explore the magic of curl perms, how they can transform your hair, and the essential care and maintenance required to keep your desired style intact.

1. The Art of Voluminous Curls:

Curl perms offer a fantastic solution for individuals seeking voluminous curls and waves. When paired with rounded brush blowout styling, they can add body and bounce to any hair type, providing a luxurious and glamorous finish.

2. Taming Wild Cowlicks:

For those who struggle with unruly cowlicks, curl perms can come to the rescue. The carefully chosen curl pattern helps control and manage stubborn hair growth directions, resulting in a more manageable and polished look.

3. Mastering Hair Care and Styling Products:

Maintaining your desired curl pattern requires using the right hair care and styling products. From nourishing leave-in conditioners to specialized curl-enhancing products, the proper selection will ensure your curls remain vibrant and healthy.

4. Proper Timing for Maintenance:

To maintain the curl pattern, it’s crucial to focus maintenance efforts on regrowth rather than redoing the entire perm. This approach reduces potential damage and keeps your hair in the best condition possible.

5. Choosing the Right Salon:

Researching hair shops that understand different curl perm techniques and can cater to various hair types is crucial. This ensures you receive a customized and tailored approach to achieve your desired style.

6. Patience is Key:

Waiting 48-72 hours before washing your hair after a curl perm is essential. This allows the curl pattern to set in properly, reducing the risk of weakening or disrupting the new curls.

7. The Perfect Haircut:

After getting a curl perm, waiting a few days before getting a haircut is recommended. This allows you to fully embrace the new curls and ensures your stylist can tailor the cut to complement your perm.

8. Handling Color Services:

Coloring your hair after a curl perm requires careful consideration. Waiting a few days allows the curls to settle, preventing the color from appearing flat or dull.

9. Beware of Lightening Products:

Using lightening products over a curl perm can lead to hair breakage. It’s advisable to schedule any lightening services several days before getting a curl perm to avoid potential damage.

10. The Refresh Toner: After getting a curl perm, waiting a couple of days before applying a refresh toner can work wonders in restoring any tonality that might have faded due to the perm. This process helps maintain the vibrancy of your color while ensuring your curls look fresh and lively. Remember, patience pays off when it comes to achieving stunning results with your curl perm.

A curl perm can be a transformative experience for all hair types, adding texture, volume, and personality to your locks. However, it’s essential to work with a knowledgeable stylist and embrace a proper hair care routine to maintain the desired style effectively. Remember, at Bold Embrace Hair Studio, we value each client’s unique needs and require personalized consultations to ensure we deliver the perfect curl perm for you. Book your appointment now at and let us help you embrace your beautiful curls!

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