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Empowering Smiles: The Journey of Wigs for Kids Recipients

In a world where a child’s confidence can be greatly affected by their appearance, Wigs for Kids stands as a beacon of hope and support. This blog will take you through the heartwarming process of how these courageous recipients are approved for a wig, the meticulous fitting procedure, and the unwavering dedication of Bold Embrace Hair Studio in providing essential support during this transformative journey.

1. Approval and Measurement Kit:

When a child is approved for a wig through Wigs for Kids, they receive a special measurement kit in the mail. This kit contains all the necessary tools to take precise measurements and crucial paperwork that needs to be filled out at their hair appointment.

2. The First Hair Appointment:

Upon receiving the measurement kit, the child and their family bring it along with the paperwork to their first hair appointment at Bold Embrace Hair Studio. It is an exciting moment as they meet their stylist for the first time, ready to discuss their questions and preferences.

3. Measurements, Length, and Color Selection:

The stylist carefully takes measurements and discusses the ideal length and color selection with the child and their family. Attention to detail ensures that the wig is uniquely designed to suit the child’s individual needs and desires.

4. Crafting the Perfect Wig:

Once all the necessary information and measurements are sent to Wigs for Kids, the crafting process begins. Due to the high demand and the intricate handmade construction of each wig, this phase may take several months.

5. The Wig Kit:

When the wig is completed, it is mailed to the child along with a comprehensive kit, including a block head, block stand, brush, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and tape.

6. The Fitting Appointment:

At the next hair appointment, the fitting takes place, accompanied by discussions about the design haircut and an extensive education session on wig maintenance, application, and removal. This empowers the child and their family to handle the wig with ease and confidence.

7. The Perfect Fit:

The stylist ensures that the wig fits snugly and comfortably without any gaps or points that might cause irritation. Wigs from Wigs for Kids are constructed to grow with the child throughout the year, thanks to an elastic band with hooks that allow for adjustments when the wig becomes stretched.

8. Longevity and Generosity:

With proper maintenance and careful handling, these incredibly crafted wigs can last a long time. When a child outgrows the wig and it’s still in good condition, they have the opportunity to donate it to a recycling wig organization, passing on the gift of confidence to someone else in need.

Wigs for Kids, in partnership with the dedicated efforts of Bold Embrace Hair Studio, is empowering young hearts with confidence and joy. The journey from approval to fitting is filled with care, compassion, and the promise of brighter smiles. If you wish to embark on this transformative experience, visit to schedule your Wigs for Kids measurement appointment. Remember, approval from Wigs for Kids is a prerequisite for scheduling your appointment. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out via email at or visit to explore how you can support this inspiring cause. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of these remarkable recipients.


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